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3M – Calamity

3M - Calamity

  1. Heaven – Emeli Sandé
  2. Paris – Magic Man
  3. Last Dance – Rhye
  4. Gold – Bondax
  5. Spotlight – Leagues
  6. Little Numbers – Boy
  7. Grinnin’ In Your Face – The Vespers
  8. Heaven On the Ground (feat. Emily King) – Jose James
  9. Line Of Fire – Junip
  10. Sierra Lift – Blue Hawaii
  11. Twisted – Fractures
  12. Bloodflow – SOHN

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3M – Illustrated

3M - Illustrated

  1. Kids Play – Ian Pooley
  2. Bring You Back – Beacon
  3. Continuum – Lemaitre
  4. Romeo (Monitor 66 Remix) – Tempogeist
  5. Next Year (RAC Mix) – Two Door Cinema Club
  6. St Tropez  – Fyfe
  7. White Leather – Wolf Alice
  8. Swim Good (Frank Ocean Cover) – Indiana
  9. Sideswiped – Astronauts, etc.
  10. Gold (Moon Boots Remix) – Bondax
  11. Need U (100%) – Duke Dumont
  12. Follow You – Monitor 66
  13. C’mon Talk – Bernhoft

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3M – Everywhere

3M - Everywhere


Let’s get right to it, shall we?

  1. Sixto Rodriguez – Hate Street Dialogue (Round Table Knights Searching For Sugar Man Edit) | This track is pretty old – probably older than most of you out there by at least 10 years. Originally recorded in 1970, this version got a bit of reworking for the “Searching For Sugar Man” film making it’s way around the Netflix and indie crowds.
  2. Houses – The Beauty Surrounds | Couple from Chicago. Boyfriend loses job, couple move to Hawaii and write album (must be nice.) At least they were productive, and quality productive at that. Most people would’ve just gotten really high for a while…
  3. Asa & Stumbleine – Glow (ViLLΛGE Remix) | I know I’ve said this about a million times: I’ve sworn off all dubstep. BUT every once in a while I catch something that steps out of the genre just enough to shine. Nice work, ViLLAGE. You got me to relapse temporarily.
  4. Capital Cities – Kangaroo Court | WTF is a kangaroo court? I had these guys on the Future Perfect mixtape. Still making good stuff, I see.
  5. Misun – Harlot | I just like it. Sosumi.
  6. Unknown Mortal Orchestra – So Good at Being In Trouble | Easily my favorite track on the mixtape. I really REALLY enjoy almost everything these guys have done, and the lo-fi thing works so well with it.
  7. Purity Ring – Grammy | Purity Ring covers Soulja Boy to fantastic effect.
  8. Selebrities feat. Erika Spring & Lissy Trullie – Everywhere | Another cover from honestly, I couldn’t tell you, but dammit if I’m not a sucker for Fleetwood Mac.
  9. Lorde – The Love Club | Do yourself a favor and go check out the Soundcloud account of Lorde, a SIXTEEN YEAR OLD girl from New Zealand who has some pretty amazing chops for her age. I could say that “The Love Club” is the best track out of her body of work, but I can’t.
  10. Sade – By Your Side (Neptunes Remix) | I heard this remix in a Marshall’s store (of all places) while shopping for picture frames. It’s been on repeat for a few weeks now and I thought it prudent to share. I’d never heard it before, and wondered if anyone else had for that matter.
  11. Anthony Hamilton & Elayna Boynton – Freedom (Kool and Kabul Edit) | If I remember right, this is on the Django Unchained soundtrack. By the way, if you haven’t seen it yet, and you’re a fan of Tarantino, you should be ashamed of yourself. Ok now go watch it. Go on! Git!

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3M – Vegas Baby

3M - Vegas Baby

This couldn’t have come any sooner than it did. Sometimes, these things take just the right about of timing, inspiration, luck and love to come together, and not a second before. But here we are, and here it is. It has definitely been too long. Hopefully you haven’t forgotten me yet.

There’s a lot of really good stuff circulating right now, especially in the chillout vein. If I had to wager a guess, I’d say the climate change to cooler weather in the northern hemisphere has something to do with it. After I fill up on the chill vibes, things get interesting. Track 8 will feel like you stumbled onto the set of a Quentin Tarantino movie. After that, I have to just let the music speak for itself. If I try to describe the 70’s rock essence of Tame Impala, I’m just going to come up short. This tape wraps up with the preview of Aeroplane’s remix of Kimbra’s Two Way Street. Saying this track is highly anticipated is like saying Elvis was rock and roll royalty. It’s true, but not true enough. I’m calling it right now: Aeroplane is this decade’s Todd Terry, Miguel Migs and Inland Knights, with about 10x the star power.

  1. Latch feat. Sam Smith – Disclosure | I have to include the link to the video for this one ( It, like the track, is pure sexiness.
  2. Pilgrim – MØ
  3. Knot In My Heart – The Zolas
  4. Tropics – Pop Up Cinema
  5. Sunset (Volta Remix) – The XX
  6. Lullabies (Jim-E Stack Remix) – Yuna
  7. Smalltalk (Four Tet Remix) – Ultraísta
  8. Lights Out – Menahan Street Band
  9. Apocalypse Dreams – Tame Impala
  10. Boss (Ryan Hemsworth Remix) – Tinashe
  11. I’m Not The Same – Aaradhna
  12. God Bless Her, I Miss Her – Sic Alps
  13. Two Way Street (Aeroplane Remix) – Kimbra

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Status Update

Listen, friends. A lot, and I mean A LOT has happened in the last two months. I have relocated from my place in the Sonoran Desert to my hometown in “The Meadows.” After months and months of consideration, I felt it was time to move on and make a change for my sanity, my career and my well-being. Once the decision was made, it took less than two weeks, and I was moved. Not much time for something of that magnitude, but fortunately a number of really great things all came together at the right time, including landing what I would consider my “dream job.” I’m finally working the type of job I want, at the place I want, with the type of people I want and in the city I want. And I couldn’t be happier.

So what does all of this mean for the mixtapes? For now, it means that they’re on hold, but not for much longer. I plan to get back to making them both because I’m committed to doing this, but also because I really need something new to listen to besides my old mixtapes. That said, I would say to keep an eye out for a new one in the next week or two from today. We’ll call it, “Vegas, Baby.” 😉

3M – Future Perfect

3M - Future Perfect

“By tomorrow morning, we will have had the most funky 80’s dance party ever.”

I’ve been getting into a bad habit of finding some really great tracks, compiling the mixtape, and then taking almost a week to post it. I think this week I’ve had a good excuse, but still just an excuse, and I really shouldn’t hold out on you. It’s just not right. Am I right? Guys? …Hey guys?

Like the caption says, this one starts off right in the middle of an 80’s flashback party, except even better than you can imagine. Most of us think of preppies, perms and shoulder pads in sport coats, with enough bangs in hairspray to satisfy a groupie during the Bangle’s world tour. (Can you believe they’re back at it? Yeah keep an eye out for the Bangles Tour 2012 at a bat mitzvah near you!) But no! WAY better! Actually, not that much better. It switches things back up by track 6 and I take you back to your regularly scheduled mixtape. You know what? Just shut up and enjoy, K?

  1. Nothing Compares 2 U – Capital Cities
  2. Pacific – Goldroom
  3. Sugar – Moon Boots
  4. Hot Raw Sex – Jimmy Edgar
  5. I Can’t Shake This Feeling (Tobtok’s Old-School Edit) – Grum vs. Klique
  6. Sweater Weather – The Neighbourhood | This is where the dance party ends, kids. Deal with it. I get the feeling you won’t be terribly disappointed when you hear this track.
  7. Super Rich Kids (feat. Earl Sweatshirt) – Frank Ocean | For whatever reason, this track hasn’t received a lot of attention in the music media, and I like to believe its because it’s an indictment on those that would write about it, but it’s probably one of the best tracks on Channel Orange.
  8. Overdone (feat. Anneka) – xxyyxx
  9. Paradise – Wild Nothing
  10. Daddy (Ifan Dafydd Remix) – Emeli Sande
  11. Dreams (Fleetwood Mac Cover) – The Kills

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3M – Monsoons

3M - Monsoons

I have the rare pleasure of living in a rainy desert. For a few months out of the summer, from about July on until September, we get some of the most amazing wet weather I’ve ever seen almost anywhere. What makes it unique is that in no other environment does this kind of meteorological contrast exist with such gorgeous results. Thunderstorms, lightning, Saguaro cactus punctuating the outline of the grey skies against the wet hills. Nowhere else like it. This is the playlist for those rainy days.

  1. Ugonna’s Song (Untitled) – Ugonna Igweatu | The story on this track is that the artist recorded this shortly before his death, along with a few other tracks, and released them posthumously (via his family) as an EP. My brother brought this to my attention after it appeared on reddit. Facebook has a page for it here:
  2. Midnight City (M83 Cover) – Saint Savior | Yes, another cover for Midnight City, but it’s a good one, and appropriate for the subject. It’s the right kind of mellow. You’ll dig it, I promise. This one was suggested by my good friend, Sheima in Hollawood, CA.
  3. Constant Conversations – Passion Pit | P.P. has been consistently one of the best acts for the past few years. It’s been a pleasure seeing/hearing these guys work. Berklee College, MA, represent!
  4. Lotus Blossom – Beat Connection | The interlude track. This one is short and sweet. At almost 2 minutes of sampled tastiness, it keeps things moving nicely.
  5. Anchor – Kúra | I don’t know much about this track other than when I heard it, I instantly liked it. It’s got a little of that trip-hop feel that I’m a fan of.
  6. Western Thrills – Bravestation | I posted some Bravestation earlier this year (or was it late last, can’t remember). Anywho, their sound is maturing nicely.
  7. Månljus (saknad) – Ditt Inre | Don’t ask me what it means, I don’t know. But it sounds great when it’s grey and rainy outside, and that’s the point of this whole exercise. You’ll just have to trust me on this.
  8. BTSTU (Jai Paul Cover) – Niia | The original was released as a demo back in 2010, but was recorded as far back as 2007. It got an official release in 2011, on XL Records. This cover from Niia trades the funk of the original for smooth, lush production, perfect for stormy weather.
  9. Remember – Pat Lok | A funky little house track to represent the breaking of the storm, and gentle sun rays, followed by…
  10. Worst Love (Original Mix) – Robosonic | A slightly thumpier house track to represent the energy from a heavy rain and the rolling, distant thunder of a storm. This is the complete 8:28 track for my DJs out there.

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3M – MST247365

3M - MST247365

I’m going to have to keep this post short and sweet. First of all, yes, I’m still on the job. I will still keep bringing updates and mixtapes so long as the blood flows through my veins. Second, it has been –at least in my opinion– a very slow release cycle for the last few weeks. And by slow, I mean the quantity of quality material isn’t outstanding. You’ll notice that a number of the tracks featured are remixes. That’s no accident. If your favorite band has recently released some new stuff, and I haven’t included it in this mixtape, it means a few things; either I haven’t heard it yet, or it wasn’t all that great. Sorry. One other possibility is that it’s dubstep, and if that’s the case, I can’t begin to tell you how much I hate that genre now. Talk about played out. Every commercial that goes for some kind of intensity or “extreme-ness” has to use dubstep. And honestly, I think the stuff that passes for dubstep now isn’t even true to the genre. It’s less dub and more wub. Noisy, noisy shit for noisy shit’s sake. A friend recently shared these two videos with me, and I think they perfectly sum up the absurdity of the genre. Enjoy, kids. &

  1. Slow Down – Poolside | As the mixtape’s first track, it demands you have a good sound system to listen to the rest. You had better, or you’re sadly missing out.
  2. High For This – Ellie Goulding (The Weeknd cover) | Hotness.
  3. Everything Happens for the First Time – Eli Mardock | Happy track for the summer. Enjoy it.
  4. Thirteen Thirtyfive – Dillon | Super cool track, not a recent release but a current remix popped the original up on my radar. These things can sometimes take a while…
  5. Williams Blood (Aeroplane Remix) – Grace Jones | Grace Jones is one crazy-looking woman, but at least this remix makes her sound sane.
  6. Little Man (Vindata Remix) – Little Dragon | I do so enjoy the Little Dragon. You will too.
  7. Sprawl II (Soulwax Remix) – Arcade Fire | If the Arcade Fire sounded like this all the time, I would own every album they’ve ever made. As it is, I do not. This remix is that good.
  8. Drop – Chester French | This is the only track released in the last few days. It is GOOD. The whole album is. Their genius is subtle, but stunning.
  9. Pyramids – Frank Ocean | Frank Ocean’s genius is NOT subtle, and it is blinding. 10 minute track. Epic.

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3M – Golden Age

This mixtape is the first in a series spread out over the course of the next year on artists, styles and tracks that shaped my musical palate (and palette).  Without going too far into the past (jazz, classical, classic r&b, soul, rock, etc.), I thought I’d start from the period of music not directly influenced by my parents, and go from there. Sadly, there isn’t going to be much in the way of late-80’s or 90’s hip-hop/rap. MC Hammer and Vanilla Ice do not quite live up to the standard I’ve come to present for these mixtapes.

The tracks in this first collection date from about 1993-94 to present, although it reached mainstream popularity from about 1996-2001. Trip-Hop incorporates a lot of electronic production, live instruments, tasteful sampling, jazzy aesthetics, vocal experimentation, and percussive beat tracks, all layered on top of each other like a tasty lasagna of musical bliss. Add to that, deep, rich, moody, atmospheric soundscapes, and you end up with a sub-genre with the greatest degree of musicality –sonically and lyrically– in the last 20 years.

The mainstream breakout of trip-hop can be traced back to a musical collective in Bristol, UK called the Wild Bunch. From this crew evolved artist Tricky, and Massive Attack, both featured on the mixtape. Massive Attack later collaborated with Tracey Thorn of Everything But The Girl, a group whose sound also started to evolve from their early smooth jazz, adult-contemporary days in the early to mid 80’s into House, Chill, Downtempo and Trip Hop production styles after 1994. Simultaneously in Bristol, another group called Portishead formed, and in 1994 released their first album, “Dummy.” The critical mass of these records, along with DJ Shadow’s work in the US producing instrumental hip hop gave trip-hop a huge boost and subsequent following, paving the way for acts such as Esthero, Hooverphonic, Bjork, Morcheeba, Cibo Matto, Lamb and a number of other artists influenced by the genre.

The tracks featured in this mixtape represent the most mainstream offerings of the trip-hop genre. These provide a sort of musical benchmark for the genre, and help demonstrate the sonic quality at its peak. They are in no particular order, other than what makes sense from a listening perspective. In fact, the first track on the mix is the most recent release which –to my mind– most exemplifies the trip-hop genre.

  1. All Yours – Submotion Orchestra | Released in May of 2011, this one had been sitting around in my collection without exposure until I had the opportunity to re-listen to Portishead’s “Dummy” on vinyl as I was sorting through my record collection. It was because of that Portishead album that I decided to make a mixtape about trip-hop, and in compiling the material for it, I went straight for this track. Right around the 1:27 mark, I guarantee you will nod your head with a big “YES” of approval.
  2. Lounge – Esthero | One of my most-favorite female vocalists in the whole of humanity’s timeline. Esthero’s sound is so signature, the only vague comparison I can draw is to popular 80’s adult-contemp artist, Sade –although it has more to do with the style of the compositions, rather than her voice. Esthero’s producer, Martin “Doc” McKinney later went on to work with a number artists I’ve featured here including, Santigold, The Weeknd and Drake.
  3. Aletheuo (Truthspeaking) feat. Angelina Esparza – DJ Krush | Vocalist Angelina Esparza’s possibly most well-known track –she worked on only two collaborations, and released only one album in Japan, before she decided to call it quits with the record industry. Her collaboration with Japanese hip-hop pioneer and former Yakuza member, DJ Krush was released in 2002 on his “Shinso: The Message At The Depth.” A representative of trip-hop through it’s moody, intense delivery and instrumentation.
  4. Single – Everything But The Girl | Tracey Thorn is my other super-favorite female vocalist, and along with Ben Watt (who went from folks guitarist to amazing electronic producer after EBTG’s contract with WEA ended), make this track another great representation of trip-hop/downtempo/chill-out, again through mood and instrumentation.
  5. Sun + Moon = Tomorrow – Ivana Santilli | Very jazzy, great breakbeats throughout and a thick bass line. The first time I heard this was on Canada’s Much Music channel –a station whose programming runs completely counter to MTV’s in that they actually play music.
  6. Unemployed In Summertime – Emiliana Torrini | Geeks will recognize her as the voice of “Gollum’s Song”, while others should recognize her either for “Jungle Drum”, or as a member of Gus Gus. She also hails from Bjork’s home of Iceland.
  7. Aftermath – Tricky | This is trip hop. This is like, defining material. Legendary stuff.
  8. 2wicky – Hooverphonic | Hooverphonic reminds me a lot of Portishead.
  9. Protection – Massive Attack feat. Tracey Thorn | Ah, Tracey Thorn.
  10. The End (Hepop Mix) – Llorca | Llorca’s material tends to be toward the jazzy end of things, but their style makes it more trip hop than public radio station.
  11. Neanderthal – Fila Brazilia | One of my favorites.
  12. Roads – Portishead | CLASSIC. Listen to/watch their “Roseland NYC Live.” It’s on DVD, and it’s great.
  13. Climbing Up the Walls (Fila Brazilia Mix) – Radiohead | I always thought some of Radiohead’s stuff felt a little trip-hoppy.
  14. There’s More to Life Than This – Bjork | Ok so this isn’t trip hop, but it was released around the same era. It was in there with the rest of the stuff I was wading through, and I loved it so much, I had to put it in. Listen closely. It’s not your typical recording.


3M – Swelter

3M - Swelter

It’s getting hot out there.

I turned 33 recently. That’s only 7 short years to 40. Too soon… Enjoy your summer, kids.

I am a creature of habit, and like everyone else, I have my favorites. I intend to play them on this next mixtape. I’ve got some Plastic Plates, RAC, St. Lucia and the new Flight Facilities. They don’t disappoint, and I’m sure you’ll like them just as much as I did. If not, well then feel free to take your Skrillex and jump off a bridge.

  1. With You (feat. Grovesnor) – Flight Facilities | Watch the video for this. It’s equally as great.
  2. Sophie – Theatre of Delays | Great groove on this track. Really layered and built up to something fantastic.
  3. Higher (Flume Remix) – Ta-Ku | This ends up somewhere other than you’d expect based on the very beginning of the track. Great production work, Flume.
  4. Hey You (Waek Remix) – Pony Pony Run Run | We can all thank Justice for popularizing this style of production, but even though it’s been used a billion times, I still like it when it’s done well.
  5. Hollywood (feat. Penguin Prison) – RAC | Penguin Prison is another artist I have featured before. This one reminds me a little of Chester French.
  6. Before The Dive – St. Lucia | I’ve always been fond of these guys’ ability to create a mood. They’re up there with Friendly Fires.
  7. I Already Forgot Everything You Said – The Dig | This kind of thing happens to me on a pretty regular basis.
  8. House – Kindness | Not a house track. So very good though. Very… very good. Just listen, quietly. Intently.
  9. Float (Polaris At Noon Remix) – KO KO | This is just one of those kind of tracks you have playing in the background in the pool area of a nice resort, as the sun is just setting, with your 5th vodka tonic already empty.
  10. Set Fire To The Rain (Plastic Plates Remix) – Adele | You’ve probably heard the original a bajillion times on the local adult-alternative radio station (“All the hits from the 90’s to today!”). I promise you haven’t heard a better remix than this.
  11. Euphoria – Motopony | If you’re a fan of the tv show House, I can tell you this: You will recognize this soon.

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