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MTS: The Skinny…

It’s taken me a while to decide to write an “ABOUT ME” page. There’s a few things I want to communicate about how and why I do this and I think it’s time you knew.

First of all, if it’s not immediately obvious, music is life. It’s not just a passing fancy, a hobby or a “thing” I do on the weekends when I have time. It’s 24-7, eat, sleep, dream, feel, living, bleeding, dying. I’ve been around music and performance since as far back as I can remember. My aunts were in a band when I was knee-high to a june bug. My dad played 45s on the Friday nights my parents spent at the house with me instead of being young twenty-somethings hiring a babysitter and getting smashed at the clubs and bars. I learned to read music before I knew most rules for grammar, and I learned to play music on a number of instruments from early grade school and all through high school. I am classically trained in at least 3 wind instruments, and I took music theory classes for years. I know music better than I know myself. I love it for the way it can create joy, and I respect it for its ability to cause pain. And I am amazed daily by the people who have the talent to make it, day in and day out.

Even when I say I’m not a fan of someone, I still respect them (except you, Skrillex. Die in a fire.) They’re doing something I wish I could. I would love to have more involvement in making music, producing, or even being a part of the engine that helps it see the light of the day that is this glowing, blue marble we all live on. This is why MixTape Studios exists.

It started as the site for my own production work, but between my real work, and other things, I never took much time to post things here. Then in the middle of last year, I gave it a make-over, and a new purpose. If there’s one thing I’d like to see come out of this, it’s respect for my taste in music, my ability to find stuff that no one else seems to know existed, and my ability to get it out in the world. Also, if I could land a gig as an A&R guy or a soundtrack artist, that would be cool too 😉

Eventually, there will be more “educational” content, like mixtapes geared toward understanding where my musical palate comes from, and how it’s developed. Also I’ll be trying my hand at producing again, and my stuff might make its way onto a few tapes in the future. We’ll have to see how everything goes.

To all you copyright holders, artists, and producers, know that I firmly believe that sites like mine are the best thing in the world for what you do. I know that if I was making music, I’d want it out there, no matter what. One day, I will put my money where my mouth is. But rules are rules, and if you ever find yourself with the burning desire to have me remove something, just drop me a line. The email is at the bottom of the site; no need to get lawyers on me.

In the mean time, I hope you’re enjoying your time here. Thanks for coming.