Guest Tape: “Old Soul”

3M - Old Soul

These things take time. Lots of time. For instance, I started on these tapes about two weeks ago, and between travel, work and drinking, I’ve had very little time to put these together. So as of today, I made the command decision to forgo the 4th Gin and Tonic, and get these posted.

This one was put together by Miss Katy Powers. Thank you, Miss Powers!

Now I’m not talking Bill Withers/Marvin Gaye/Nina Simone Old Soul (although they do indisputably rock)…I’m talking Old Soul, like I was the only girl in 7th grade in the late 90s with first issue Fleetwood Mac vinyl, David-Lee-Roth-in-his-leather-pants posters on my wall and an aching love for Lloyd Dobler.  Lucky for me, 70s and 80s pop are making a strong resurgence.  Watch out Beliebers… this shit’s coming back, and it is more synthesized than ever.

  1. LCD Soundsystem – Daft Punk is Playing at My House | Uhhh, did the Talking Heads build your house?
  2. Tame Impala – Feels Like We Only Go Backwards | What’s that you say?  The Beatles and Pink Floyd had a love child? I’ll groove to that.
  3. Simple Minds M83 – Midnight City
  4. Haim – Forever | Sweet Fleetwod Mac-esque riffs, but noticeably less clothing on the three of them combined than Stevie Nicks at the beach.
  5. Dead Kennedys – Holiday in Cambodia | Because f*%& you, that’s why.
  6. M.I.A. – Born Free | Because f*%& you in 30 year old girl, that’s why.
  7. Phosphorescent – Song for Zula | Oh good!  Bob Dylan got a sound mixer.
  8. The National – Don’t Swallow the Cap | …off the pills you are about to O.D. on while you listen to the Morrissey’s angst-y cousin.
  9. Dent May – Best Friend | Hold a sec…gotta put my roller skates on.
  10. White Stripes – My Doorbell | Lola, is that you?
  11. Ra Ra Riot – Beta Love | Someone forgot to turn off the Genesis…

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3M – The Gloaming

3M - The Gloaming

I was all about the C-64 back in the day.

  1. The Truth – Handsome Boy Modeling School
  2. Give You Up (Darius Remix) – Crayon feat. KLP
  3. Warm Water (Snakehips Remix) – BANKS
  4. Trying To Be Cool (Breakbot Remix) – Phoenix
  5. I Won’t Be Long – Beck
  6. Emmanuel – BASECAMP
  7. Missing (Maths Time Joy x Kimberly Anne) – Everything But The Girl
  8. Falling – HAIM
  9. Instant Need – FKJ
  10. The Wilhelm Scream – The Bamboos feat. Megan Washington

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3M – Riot Time

3M - Riot Time

I went full-on, Lisa Frank, Double-Rainbow on this one’s album art.

  1. The Wire – HAIM
  2. Miss You (Glenn Dale’s Rework) – The Rolling Stones
  3. Pretty Green – White Denim
  4. Barbarians (Tiger and Woods Remix) – Escort
  5. Youth Allowance – Northeast Party House
  6. Drive (Part 1) – Ben Khan
  7. Why’d You Only Call Me When You’re High? – Arctic Monkeys
  8. Satellite (Lindstrom Remix) – Little Boots
  9. All The Days – Haerts
  10. What A Difference Your Love Makes – Basement Jaxx

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3M – Intercontinental

3M - Intercontinental

Sean Young, Blade Runner, ’nuff said. AMIRITE?! Wow, can anyone remember when we used to think the Soviet Russians were the bad guys because they had “BIG BЯOTHER” watching over everyone, while we here in the good ol’ U.S. of A. thought, “It’s a good thing that’ll never happen to us!”? Funny how that works, innit?

  1. Pass That Dutch – Asher Roth | Because “Damn the Man!”
  2. Sympathy for the Devil (The Neptunes Remix) – The Rolling Stones | Dis one for you, Mike!
  3. High Society (The Soundmen Remix) – Betty Who | “Betty, who?!” Betty Six-foot-two-of-Australian-Gaddamn, that’s who.
  4. Watching the World (Prins Thomas Diskomiks) – Surahn | Swank vocal work, friends. Swank.
  5. Penny (Classixx Remix) – Hanni El Khatib | It bothers me that just the name of the artist alone might get me on the NSA’s radar.
  6. Rumour (YACHT remix) – Chlöe Howl | Hot version of an already hot track
  7. Something About You – Dornik | If you’re going to channel the spirit of MJ, this is how you do it.
  8. I Want You Back (Canblaster Rework) – Surkin & Todd Edwards | It was a tough decision to include this version over the original, but this one is just the right amount of bangin’.
  9. Love & Motion (feat. Villa Kang) – Dickystixxx | Don’t let the artist’s name fool you; this is certified camp-free.
  10. In Your Eyes (Peter Gabriel Cover) – BANKS | Wow is all I can say.
  11. New York (Oliver Nelson Remix) – Urban Cone | Urban Sno-Cone. It’s hot out here.

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3M – Call Me Crazy

3M - Call Me Crazy

Sloane Peterson. NOT the character she played in that god-awful Ridley Scott film with Tom Cruise.

  1. Her Favorite Song – Mayer Hawthorne (feat. Jessie Ware) | Instant Hit. If I don’t hear this played all over the place in the next few weeks, the terrorists will have won.
  2. I Didn’t Believe (feat. Elizabeth Rose) [Extended] – Flight Facilities | I’ll say it now: this mixtape has a very Disco/Funk slant to it. Better not bring yo kids!
  3. Oh Sheit It’s X – Thundercat | So much to say about the artist/title/song I don’t even know where to begin. Just look at that title. LOOK!
  4. Take You Over – Isaac Tichauer | In Soviet Russia…
  5. Dumb Disco Ideas – Holy Ghost! | Add to that list of ideas: 8-minute “single” releases.
  6. In The Zone – Airbird & Napolian | It’s getting late, I should go home…
  7. Latch (Acoustic Live) – Sam Smith | Your girlfriend has already made you listen to this track by now. If not, start questioning everything about your relationship.
  8. Surging Memories – Du Tonc | I have to get up early in the morning…
  9. 22 (Meth Dad Stay Magical Remix) – Taylor Swift | Yeah that’s right. I added a track on the mixtape from that famously triflin’ bitch. You’ll thank me in the morning, when you’re singing to it in the shower, just like I do.
  10. Lost In Music (Beauriche & Dj Licious 2013 Mix) – Sister Sledge vs. Dimitri From Paris | This is the only legitimate house track on the mixtape. Only one.
  11. Hey Now – London Grammar | Not a cover, jerks.

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3M – Dragonflies

3M - Dragonflies

In case you’re wondering, the future of the cover styles will be all the ladies from the movies that I had crushes on when I was in junior high. Phoebe wins this round. This tape also marks the start of summer –unofficially, as it were. The temperatures are only going to get warmer from here on out.

I’m turning 34 in a few days. At this point, it’s just another year gone by, but in 4 more years, the panic is going to start setting in. I can see it already…

I have to talk about this for a second: Daft Punk. The new song. It’s good. But not THAT good. I’m convinced they didn’t produce it. It doesn’t sound like anything they’ve done before, and I mean that in a bad way. It’s dense, unbalanced, and completely without dynamic range. If you’ve spent any significant time listening to Daft Punk’s production work, the bass never sounds this muddy, the guitar never sounds this prominent, the kit always sounds far crispier, and at the very least, they have some sense of how a song should start and finish; this one fails that test spectacularly. It’s a little bland. There, I’ve said it. It’s bland. Take it for what it’s worth; I’m sure it’s not going to stop anyone from enjoying it. But if you’re curious about what I mean, put on their album “Discovery”, track to “Voyager”, and pay close attention. If you’re hoping to see it on a mixtape as some kind of validation that it is in fact a worthy track, you’re going to come up short.

  1. Blurred Lines (feat. T.I. & Pharrell) – Robin Thicke | Some modern artists have figured out how to get away with making material that manages to be both highly derivative (like for instance, this track’s obvious nod to Marvin Gaye’s Got To Give It Up) AND worth listening to. For those that have found success in this approach, I hate myself for digging your shit.
  2. A tout a l’heure – Bibio | This track feels so much like late-teen summertime freedom, it hurts. Hurts.
  3. On & On (feat. George Maple) – Snakehips | Every time I make a new mixtape, I run across an artist that I have a hard time deciding which single track I should include on the mixtape from the two or three that I’m listening to at the time. Occasionally, I lose that battle, and they all end up on one mixtape, if not spread out over the next two or more. This is just such an occasion.
  4. Show Me – Touch Sensitive  | I hope I’ve got this right. Title first, then artist name. I’ll be embarrassed if in this case, I’ve got it the other way around.
  5. Over and Over – Hot Chip | This one is from 2006, but I can’t stop listening to it –loudly– in my car.
  6. Every Little Thing (feat. Irfane & Teki Latex) (Plastic Plates Remix) – Para One | You know ’em, you love ’em. That’s right, it’s another Plastic Plates remix. Don’t fight it, you’ll only end up embarrassing yourself.
  7. Together – The xx | As you might know, the soundtrack to The Great Gatsby has been slowly leaking out onto the internets like a pinhole in a water balloon. This is one of those that got away.
  8. I Don’t Care – Margaret Glaspy | I ripped this from the YouTube video because I was impressed with the performance. It’s impromptu, lo-fi, and fragile in ways that only a 500-year old paper crane can relate to.
  9. A Dancing Shell – Wild Nothing | If memory serves… actually it doesn’t. This came from, I know not where, but it’s fantastic.
  10. Days With U (Le Nonsense Remix) – Snakehips | Snakehips #2. Shut up, you know you like it.
  11. Jezebel (Finnebassen og Hansebassen Edit) – Sade | Older track with a proper Swedish edit. It fit so nice, miracle max said I could have it.

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3M – Problematic


This is the “B-Side” mixtape. The Teller to my Penn. The Cool Ranch to my Doritos Blazin’ Buffalo tortilla chips. The pancakes with your Grand Slam breakfast. You get the picture. Also, it’s almost lunch time and I’m getting hungry.

  1. Grind – Les Sins
  2. Get Ahead – Different Sleep
  3. Killing Switch – Last Lynx
  4. Seconds – Ghost Loft
  5. Please and Thank You – Wildcat! Wildcat!
  6. Something About The Fire (Carlos Serrano Mix) – Adele vs. Daft Punk
  7. Corazon – Robby Hunter Band
  8. Groningen – Solex
  9. Maiyu – Fenech-Soler
  10. Every Little Thing (feat. Irfane & Teki Latex) (Plastic Plates Remix) – Para One

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3M – LoveSexSecretGod

A.K.A. The #HackTheGibson Mix. Bonus points if you get the title reference. It means you’re old enough to know what dial-up is like.


This mix represents the electro-aggro side of the two mixtapes. Side “A” if you will. Not that the other mixtape is the “lesser” mixtape. It’s just a little more subdued. As for this mixtape, you’re not going to see me include a Deadmau5 track –probably ever again– so enjoy it, kiddos while you can. Kavinsky and Tame Impala are high up on my favorites list this week. You’re going to get earfulls of it. Some older stuff made it on here as well, but it only seem fitting. The new stuff from Siriusmo and Space Dimension Controller will satisfy your YEN for the au courant. #Mixin’Metaphors

  1. Lower State of Consciousness (Justice Remix) – ZZT
  2. Seven Nation Army (Remix) – The Glitch Mob/The White Stripes
  3. Arcadia – Deadmau5 (Or, as I like to call him, “Dead mauw five.”)
  4. Odd Look – Kavinsky
  5. Tick of the Clock – The Chromatics
  6. Elephant – Tame Impala
  7. Itchy – Siriusmo
  8. Flickermood – Forss
  9. The Love Quadrant – Space Dimension Controller

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3M – Calamity

3M - Calamity

  1. Heaven – Emeli Sandé
  2. Paris – Magic Man
  3. Last Dance – Rhye
  4. Gold – Bondax
  5. Spotlight – Leagues
  6. Little Numbers – Boy
  7. Grinnin’ In Your Face – The Vespers
  8. Heaven On the Ground (feat. Emily King) – Jose James
  9. Line Of Fire – Junip
  10. Sierra Lift – Blue Hawaii
  11. Twisted – Fractures
  12. Bloodflow – SOHN

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3M – Illustrated

3M - Illustrated

  1. Kids Play – Ian Pooley
  2. Bring You Back – Beacon
  3. Continuum – Lemaitre
  4. Romeo (Monitor 66 Remix) – Tempogeist
  5. Next Year (RAC Mix) – Two Door Cinema Club
  6. St Tropez  – Fyfe
  7. White Leather – Wolf Alice
  8. Swim Good (Frank Ocean Cover) – Indiana
  9. Sideswiped – Astronauts, etc.
  10. Gold (Moon Boots Remix) – Bondax
  11. Need U (100%) – Duke Dumont
  12. Follow You – Monitor 66
  13. C’mon Talk – Bernhoft

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