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3M – Reconnoiter

…And we’re back. This post has been a long time coming. I had this collection of tracks compiled by early last week, but here’s the thing about work, life and traveling… When you’re gone, everything doesn’t wait around for you to get back, so when you’ve taken two weeks to prepare, and you’re out for […]


YES! There will be a mixtape soon… NO. I have not deserted you. YES! I am preparing for a lot of traveling. A week in Vegas for the NABShow followed by Coachella NO. I have not had enough time for everything.

3M – Recharger

I have a thing for gingers. My friends know this. It’s an odd condition, I admit. I mean how could one love something that apparently has no soul? Hmmm… I think someone has been telling lies. Today is New Release Tuesday. If you’ve ever wondered about why this is, I’ve heard it’s largely due to […]

Austin and Coachella

Got my Coachella tickets package a few days ago! Very happy about this. I love what they’re doing with the whole “cigar box” of goodies now. The last time I made it out to Coachella was (I think) 2007 when the event was only two days, and the tickets were just a print-out from a […]

3M – Amalfi Coast

Photo work by Show her some luv, eh? Due to further injuries sustained in the line of battle, I was unable to post this week’s mixtape on the promised day –Monday, and for that I am truly sorry… BUT IT’S HERE NOW. The Amalfi Coast is a wonderful place in Italy where one would go […]

Owning up…

I’ve always said that one day, I’ll put my money where my mouth is in terms of my critique of music, music production and this here little blog. What I mean by that is I would eventually post the work I’ve done with music composition and production, and I’d make it freely available so that […]

3M – No Curfew

That’s my NYC Girl, Meg, lookin’ like East-Coast TNT Supafly. So real quick, I have to tell the story about my “Peg Leg.” About 2 weeks ago, I went on an EPIC hike. I wasn’t prepared for it, but dammit, I was innit-2-winnit. I ended up hurting my foot afterward (stress-related injury), and ever since, […]

3M – Metaphysical Gravity (Volume 1 & 2)

“Love is…” …the name of this week’s mixtape, said R. Buckminster Fuller. Happy late V-Day, lovers. As my special gift to you, I’m doubling up the typical offer. Each tape is stylistically unique. Volume one is housey and a little more danceable, while volume two works on your slow jamz, end-of-the-day, get-cozy-with-the-significant-‘notha vibe. Shock – […]

3M – Groundhog Day

The winters are starting later every year. Today it felt like one of the coldest days in recent memory. My hope is that this works out come Coachella time. If the summer weather is pushed back enough that April 20th weekend is a beautiful spring day, I’ll be one happy car-camper. The Head I Hold […]

My sincerest apologies.

The newest mixtape will be up very soon, I promise. – 3M