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Author Archives: mtsAdmin2018

3M – Calamity

Heaven – Emeli Sandé Paris – Magic Man Last Dance – Rhye Gold – Bondax Spotlight – Leagues Little Numbers – Boy Grinnin’ In Your Face – The Vespers Heaven On the Ground (feat. Emily King) – Jose James Line Of Fire – Junip Sierra Lift – Blue Hawaii Twisted – Fractures Bloodflow – SOHN (Mediafire […]

3M – Illustrated

Kids Play – Ian Pooley Bring You Back – Beacon Continuum – Lemaitre Romeo (Monitor 66 Remix) – Tempogeist Next Year (RAC Mix) – Two Door Cinema Club St Tropez  – Fyfe White Leather – Wolf Alice Swim Good (Frank Ocean Cover) – Indiana Sideswiped – Astronauts, etc. Gold (Moon Boots Remix) – Bondax Need […]

3M – Everywhere

  Let’s get right to it, shall we? Sixto Rodriguez – Hate Street Dialogue (Round Table Knights Searching For Sugar Man Edit) | This track is pretty old – probably older than most of you out there by at least 10 years. Originally recorded in 1970, this version got a bit of reworking for the “Searching […]

3M – Vegas Baby

This couldn’t have come any sooner than it did. Sometimes, these things take just the right about of timing, inspiration, luck and love to come together, and not a second before. But here we are, and here it is. It has definitely been too long. Hopefully you haven’t forgotten me yet. There’s a lot of […]

Status Update

Listen, friends. A lot, and I mean A LOT has happened in the last two months. I have relocated from my place in the Sonoran Desert to my hometown in “The Meadows.” After months and months of consideration, I felt it was time to move on and make a change for my sanity, my career […]

3M – Future Perfect

“By tomorrow morning, we will have had the most funky 80’s dance party ever.” I’ve been getting into a bad habit of finding some really great tracks, compiling the mixtape, and then taking almost a week to post it. I think this week I’ve had a good excuse, but still just an excuse, and I […]

3M – Monsoons

I have the rare pleasure of living in a rainy desert. For a few months out of the summer, from about July on until September, we get some of the most amazing wet weather I’ve ever seen almost anywhere. What makes it unique is that in no other environment does this kind of meteorological contrast […]

3M – MST247365

I’m going to have to keep this post short and sweet. First of all, yes, I’m still on the job. I will still keep bringing updates and mixtapes so long as the blood flows through my veins. Second, it has been –at least in my opinion– a very slow release cycle for the last few […]

3M – Golden Age

This mixtape is the first in a series spread out over the course of the next year on artists, styles and tracks that shaped my musical palate (and palette).  Without going too far into the past (jazz, classical, classic r&b, soul, rock, etc.), I thought I’d start from the period of music not directly influenced […]

3M – Swelter

It’s getting hot out there. I turned 33 recently. That’s only 7 short years to 40. Too soon… Enjoy your summer, kids. I am a creature of habit, and like everyone else, I have my favorites. I intend to play them on this next mixtape. I’ve got some Plastic Plates, RAC, St. Lucia and the […]