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3M – Radio Paradiso

I have a theory: Pop Music is as potent and addicting as any drug out there. Same kinds of cravings, same emotional reactions of both highs and lows, and same visceral attachments to events, people, places, etc. Within the opening seconds of a song, it can instantly take you back to a transformative moment, a […]

Guest Tape: “Old Soul”

These things take time. Lots of time. For instance, I started on these tapes about two weeks ago, and between travel, work and drinking, I’ve had very little time to put these together. So as of today, I made the command decision to forgo the 4th Gin and Tonic, and get these posted. This one […]

3M – The Gloaming

I was all about the C-64 back in the day. The Truth – Handsome Boy Modeling School Give You Up (Darius Remix) – Crayon feat. KLP Warm Water (Snakehips Remix) – BANKS Trying To Be Cool (Breakbot Remix) – Phoenix I Won’t Be Long – Beck Emmanuel – BASECAMP Missing (Maths Time Joy x Kimberly […]

3M – Riot Time

I went full-on, Lisa Frank, Double-Rainbow on this one’s album art. The Wire – HAIM Miss You (Glenn Dale’s Rework) – The Rolling Stones Pretty Green – White Denim Barbarians (Tiger and Woods Remix) – Escort Youth Allowance – Northeast Party House Drive (Part 1) – Ben Khan Why’d You Only Call Me When You’re […]

3M – Intercontinental

Sean Young, Blade Runner, ’nuff said. AMIRITE?! Wow, can anyone remember when we used to think the Soviet Russians were the bad guys because they had “BIG BЯOTHER” watching over everyone, while we here in the good ol’ U.S. of A. thought, “It’s a good thing that’ll never happen to us!”? Funny how that works, […]

3M – Call Me Crazy

Sloane Peterson. NOT the character she played in that god-awful Ridley Scott film with Tom Cruise. Her Favorite Song – Mayer Hawthorne (feat. Jessie Ware) | Instant Hit. If I don’t hear this played all over the place in the next few weeks, the terrorists will have won. I Didn’t Believe (feat. Elizabeth Rose) [Extended] – […]

3M – Dragonflies

In case you’re wondering, the future of the cover styles will be all the ladies from the movies that I had crushes on when I was in junior high. Phoebe wins this round. This tape also marks the start of summer –unofficially, as it were. The temperatures are only going to get warmer from here […]

Site News: MTS now through Feedburner

Should have done this awhile ago, but there’s this little thing about a day job that tends to get in the way of some of my regular site maintenance. Starting now, the MixTape Studios (MTS) RSS feed will be pushed through Feedburner. This should mean better things, but if there’s any issues, I’d appreciate a […]

3M – Problematic

This is the “B-Side” mixtape. The Teller to my Penn. The Cool Ranch to my Doritos Blazin’ Buffalo tortilla chips. The pancakes with your Grand Slam breakfast. You get the picture. Also, it’s almost lunch time and I’m getting hungry. Grind – Les Sins Get Ahead – Different Sleep Killing Switch – Last Lynx Seconds – […]

3M – LoveSexSecretGod

A.K.A. The #HackTheGibson Mix. Bonus points if you get the title reference. It means you’re old enough to know what dial-up is like. This mix represents the electro-aggro side of the two mixtapes. Side “A” if you will. Not that the other mixtape is the “lesser” mixtape. It’s just a little more subdued. As for […]