3M - Money Spider

I’ve been holding on to some of these tracks for a while now, waiting for just the right mix of new hotness to unleash this beast. Today is that day. The weather is warming up. The time is now, friends. I have to warn you: some of this stuff is straight up bootleg. That being said, I’m going to be posting some links in the track descriptions to the artists, so that you can get your pre-order on for some of these albums when they drop. Do me a solid and kick some of your hard-earned sheckles their way, because they deserve it, and you fucking know it.

  1. Attica ’71 – Olivver | Right out of the gate, I’m going to lay this heavy on ya. I am telling you right now, give this two listens. By mid-way through the second, if you’re not convinced this is probably one of the hottest tracks out in the last 5 months, then you, my friend, aren’t paying attention. It’s going take up residency in one of those holes all that Ecstasy use has put in your brain, and it’s going to stay there for as long as it likes. Get used to it.
  2. Mrs. Vandebilt Told Me – Big Boi | You’ll be happy I included this track the next time you’re hosting a pool party. Some fine lady/gentleman with impeccable taste is going to step up real close, and say, “this is some damn good music.” And you’ll be like, “Yeah, I know.”
  3. Figure it Out – Ekkah | Give it about 15 seconds into this one, and I promise you’ll wish you were near a beach, drink in hand, sun goin’ down.
  4. In the Grass – Vacationer | This tracks feels very much like something that could’ve been on the Friendly Fire’s “Pala” album, and for that, I am very happy. It’s like the sequel to Hawaiian Air.
  5. Low – Lewis | This track is just the right (equal) amounts of forlorn and happy. It’s bipolar a little bit, but in a sultry way. You know what? Just shut up and listen.
  6. The Moss – Cosmo Sheldrake | From the moment I first heard this track, I loved it. Something about it feels like it could’ve been a children’s song about nonsense kinds of things, but his instrumentation and production take it to this other level. Here’s your first link: (http://paradyserecords.bigcartel.com/product/cosmo-sheldrake-the-moss-pre-order)
  7. Harry’s Code – Knox Brown | Instant Classic, only 3 days old. ‘Nuff said.
  8. Waters – Eliza Shaddad | Here’s your second link: (https://beatnikcreative.bandcamp.com/album/eliza-shaddad-waters-ep-2) There’s this intensity about this track that reminds me of a summertime monsoon storm. It’s truly fantastic stuff.
  9. Closer – JMR | Don’t let the first 40 seconds of this track fool you. Maybe I’ve said too much, but I don’t want anyone to miss out on this track. Listen to it loud. Trust me on this.

(Mediafire Direct Download: http://www.mediafire.com/download/mh7hapvqlc4j9vc/3M-MoneySpider.zip)