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3M – LoveSexSecretGod

A.K.A. The #HackTheGibson Mix. Bonus points if you get the title reference. It means you’re old enough to know what dial-up is like.


This mix represents the electro-aggro side of the two mixtapes. Side “A” if you will. Not that the other mixtape is the “lesser” mixtape. It’s just a little more subdued. As for this mixtape, you’re not going to see me include a Deadmau5 track –probably ever again– so enjoy it, kiddos while you can. Kavinsky and Tame Impala are high up on my favorites list this week. You’re going to get earfulls of it. Some older stuff made it on here as well, but it only seem fitting. The new stuff from Siriusmo and Space Dimension Controller will satisfy your YEN for the au courant. #Mixin’Metaphors

  1. Lower State of Consciousness (Justice Remix) – ZZT
  2. Seven Nation Army (Remix) – The Glitch Mob/The White Stripes
  3. Arcadia – Deadmau5 (Or, as I like to call him, “Dead mauw five.”)
  4. Odd Look – Kavinsky
  5. Tick of the Clock – The Chromatics
  6. Elephant – Tame Impala
  7. Itchy – Siriusmo
  8. Flickermood – Forss
  9. The Love Quadrant – Space Dimension Controller

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