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3M – Intercontinental

3M - Intercontinental

Sean Young, Blade Runner, ’nuff said. AMIRITE?! Wow, can anyone remember when we used to think the Soviet Russians were the bad guys because they had “BIG BЯOTHER” watching over everyone, while we here in the good ol’ U.S. of A. thought, “It’s a good thing that’ll never happen to us!”? Funny how that works, innit?

  1. Pass That Dutch – Asher Roth | Because “Damn the Man!”
  2. Sympathy for the Devil (The Neptunes Remix) – The Rolling Stones | Dis one for you, Mike!
  3. High Society (The Soundmen Remix) – Betty Who | “Betty, who?!” Betty Six-foot-two-of-Australian-Gaddamn, that’s who.
  4. Watching the World (Prins Thomas Diskomiks) – Surahn | Swank vocal work, friends. Swank.
  5. Penny (Classixx Remix) – Hanni El Khatib | It bothers me that just the name of the artist alone might get me on the NSA’s radar.
  6. Rumour (YACHT remix) – Chlöe Howl | Hot version of an already hot track
  7. Something About You – Dornik | If you’re going to channel the spirit of MJ, this is how you do it.
  8. I Want You Back (Canblaster Rework) – Surkin & Todd Edwards | It was a tough decision to include this version over the original, but this one is just the right amount of bangin’.
  9. Love & Motion (feat. Villa Kang) – Dickystixxx | Don’t let the artist’s name fool you; this is certified camp-free.
  10. In Your Eyes (Peter Gabriel Cover) – BANKS | Wow is all I can say.
  11. New York (Oliver Nelson Remix) – Urban Cone | Urban Sno-Cone. It’s hot out here.

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