3M - Cosmos

This is the springtime soul and hip-hop mix for 2014. I know it doesn’t make up for missing the last few months of updates, but dammit if I didn’t try.

  1. Trouble – Jose James (JBoogie EDIT) |  I heard this one on one of the funnest nights in recent memory before The Roots took to the stage. It’s my new spring/summer anthem for good times.
  2. Damaged World (feat. Menahan Band) – Big Boi | Incredibly well-composed track. Menahan Band is pure genius, and Big Boi can write.
  3. What I Might Do (Kilter Remix) – Ben Pearce | So damn good. Everything on here is top-notch, I am TELLING you.
  4. Tender – Bo Saris | Dat vocal arrangement.
  5. Lying Together – FKJ (a.k.a. French Kiwi Juice) | I honestly don’t know if French Kiwi Juice is what FKJ actually stands for, but I’m totally going with it.
  6. Can’t Forget – Omar LinX | Really nice use of Marlena Shaw’s classic “California Soul.”
  7. Bennie and the Jets – Miguel feat. Wale (Elton John cover) | Completely modernized without losing a bit of what made the original great. A true homage, right in time for the re-issue.
  8. Youth – Ben Khan | This is the second time I’ve featured Ben Khan on a mixtape, which by my standards means he’s certified gold.
  9. Superstition (Autograf Remix) – Stevie Wonder | Very creative remix of Superstition. Shades of Burial…
  10. Coast is Clear – Skrillex feat. Chance the Rapper | In a very rare feature –one you’ll probably never see ever again– Skrillex makes this month’s mixtape. Now if you’ve been reading, you know how much I hate that guy. So naturally, featuring a Skrillex track would fall under breakthrough, uncharted territory. Well guess what, looks like Skrillex has some legit production chops, and isn’t totally the one-trick mechanical pony he so often poses as. Fuck you, Skrillex. Fuck you for making give you kudos, you beautiful sonuvabitch.

(Mediafire Direct Download: http://www.mediafire.com/download/ndoknb41qzx58qn/3M-Cosmos.zip)