3M – No Curfew
That’s my NYC Girl, Meg, lookin’ like East-Coast TNT Supafly. So real quick, I have to tell the story about my “Peg Leg.” About 2 [...]
3M – Metaphysical Gravity (Volume 1 & 2)
“Love is…” …the name of this week’s mixtape, said R. Buckminster Fuller. Happy late V-Day, lovers. As my special gift to you, [...]
3M – Groundhog Day
The winters are starting later every year. Today it felt like one of the coldest days in recent memory. My hope is that this works out come Coachella time. [...]
Why the big delay? About two weeks ago, I ended up with pretty severe neck pain that caused me to kind of hate all of life. I wasn’t getting any [...]
3M – Winter Eyes
Aand we’re back. Welcome to 2012, everyone. Let’s just get right into this, shall we? First of all, this week’s photo comes from Marta [...]
3M – Big Eastern Syndicate
I LIED!!! THIS… is the last mixtape of 2011. Feather – Nujabes When I’m Small (RAC Mix) –  Phantogram Why (Carly Simon Cover) [...]
3M – TOP 30 of 2011 – Part 3: #1 – 10
I give you the last mixtape of the year: My Top 30 from 2011, part 3: #1 through #10. Next weekend is Christmas, and the weekend after that is the New [...]
3M – TOP 30 of 2011 – Part 2: #20 – 11
For a track to appear on the 2011 Top 30, it had to be released in this year. This includes covers and remixes. Sometimes the cover or remix of a track is [...]
3M – TOP 30 of 2011 – Part 1: #30 – 21
We’re nearing year’s end, and – like all other publications, television networks, radio shows and of course, blogs – we here at MixTape Studios [...]
3M – Hypercritical
All Hell lives in the finest of details. Miss You (Thin White Duke Mix) – Mirwais Guillotine – Yadi Dumbin’ (Diplo Remix) – Star [...]