3M – Everywhere
  Let’s get right to it, shall we? Sixto Rodriguez – Hate Street Dialogue (Round Table Knights Searching For Sugar Man Edit) | This track [...]
3M – Vegas Baby
This couldn’t have come any sooner than it did. Sometimes, these things take just the right about of timing, inspiration, luck and love to come [...]
3M – Future Perfect
“By tomorrow morning, we will have had the most funky 80’s dance party ever.” I’ve been getting into a bad habit of finding some [...]
3M – Monsoons
I have the rare pleasure of living in a rainy desert. For a few months out of the summer, from about July on until September, we get some of the most [...]
3M – MST247365
I’m going to have to keep this post short and sweet. First of all, yes, I’m still on the job. I will still keep bringing updates and mixtapes [...]
3M – Golden Age
This mixtape is the first in a series spread out over the course of the next year on artists, styles and tracks that shaped my musical palate (and [...]
3M – Swelter
It’s getting hot out there. I turned 33 recently. That’s only 7 short years to 40. Too soon… Enjoy your summer, kids. I am a creature of [...]
3M – Reconnoiter
…And we’re back. This post has been a long time coming. I had this collection of tracks compiled by early last week, but here’s the thing [...]
3M – Recharger
I have a thing for gingers. My friends know this. It’s an odd condition, I admit. I mean how could one love something that apparently has no soul? [...]
3M – Amalfi Coast
Photo work by Show her some luv, eh? Due to further injuries sustained in the line of battle, I was unable to post this [...]