Guest Tape: “Old Soul”
These things take time. Lots of time. For instance, I started on these tapes about two weeks ago, and between travel, work and drinking, I’ve had [...]
3M – The Gloaming
I was all about the C-64 back in the day. The Truth – Handsome Boy Modeling School Give You Up (Darius Remix) – Crayon feat. KLP Warm Water [...]
3M – Riot Time
I went full-on, Lisa Frank, Double-Rainbow on this one’s album art. The Wire – HAIM Miss You (Glenn Dale’s Rework) – The Rolling [...]
3M – Intercontinental
Sean Young, Blade Runner, ’nuff said. AMIRITE?! Wow, can anyone remember when we used to think the Soviet Russians were the bad guys because they had [...]
3M – Call Me Crazy
Sloane Peterson. NOT the character she played in that god-awful Ridley Scott film with Tom Cruise. Her Favorite Song – Mayer Hawthorne (feat. Jessie [...]
3M – Dragonflies
In case you’re wondering, the future of the cover styles will be all the ladies from the movies that I had crushes on when I was in junior high. [...]
3M – Problematic
This is the “B-Side” mixtape. The Teller to my Penn. The Cool Ranch to my Doritos Blazin’ Buffalo tortilla chips. The pancakes with your [...]
3M – LoveSexSecretGod
A.K.A. The #HackTheGibson Mix. Bonus points if you get the title reference. It means you’re old enough to know what dial-up is like. This mix [...]
3M – Calamity
Heaven – Emeli Sandé Paris – Magic Man Last Dance – Rhye Gold – Bondax Spotlight – Leagues Little Numbers – Boy [...]
3M – Illustrated
Kids Play – Ian Pooley Bring You Back – Beacon Continuum – Lemaitre Romeo (Monitor 66 Remix) – Tempogeist Next Year (RAC Mix) [...]