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3M – Recharger

3M - Recharger

I have a thing for gingers. My friends know this. It’s an odd condition, I admit. I mean how could one love something that apparently has no soul? Hmmm… I think someone has been telling lies.

Today is New Release Tuesday. If you’ve ever wondered about why this is, I’ve heard it’s largely due to sales figures being published on a Monday (at least in the states), so to maximize sales potential on a historically slow retail sales day, most media –books, music and movies on consumer media– are released on Tuesday. In the UK, new releases are on a Monday, but the sales figures are published the day before, and so it goes. Also I’ve heard that logistically, with shipping demands and production demands, Tuesday is an easier day to deal with those sort of problems.

Also because they do it, I’m gonna do it.

I’m sorry to say that anything new today is not going to end up on the mixtape, and it might be good to come to expect this since I’m not always interested in being a new release outlet. I like to introduce you to new stuff, sure, but the idea is to expose you to stuff that is GOOD. If it’s new AND good, then bonus, but it’s not likely that I’ve had a chance to listen to everything until maybe a week or two later. This is why occasionally, these tapes take a little longer than the typical one-week cycle that I’ve claimed. I might need to change it, but it helps me keep on top of it. Some days, I simply don’t find anything I really think is good. Not that there isn’t something out there. I just don’t find it in my sources. But if it’s out there, eventually it will find its way onto a mixtape.

THIS WEEK is SPRING WEEK. The temperature’s are finally hitting the high notes we in the southwest come to expect for this time of the year. Fortunately, it’s not sustained. A toasty day here and there helps keep the other “nice” days, really nice.

  1. You’re A Animal – Jonathan Boulet | Older track, but “spring” loaded. That’s not a typo, by the way.
  2. Dreamlike – Vacationer | Need I say more? Really? Okay, its another one from their latest album which came out this time last week. If this is new to you, get the album. If it’s not, you had better own this album.
  3. It Feels Good To Be Around You – Air France | Air France called it quits recently (March 26th). Too dang bad. It felt good to be around them.
  4. Girls Just Want To Have Fun – Starfucker | Yuuup. I mean c’mon, it’s spring.
  5. Sunny Daze (Original Mix) – Viceroy | Thank you, Sheima, for this track. Now I miss the beach.
  6. No Time To Wait – NatNaiel | Dis sum good pizza. Go git yours.
  7. Running (Disclosure Remix) – Jessie Ware | After all these years, I still love me some good UK Garage. I blame EverythingButTheGirl.
  8. No Prayers – Zeds Dead & Omar LinX | This is getting lots of deserved attention. It’s got it’s bullshit dubstep moments (at least it’s not Skrillex), but otherwise, it’s a solid track. I went back and listened to the earlier dubstep stuff I had… it’s so sad that the genre has ended up where it is now.
  9. Shut Her Down (THiNK Remix) – Anneka | “Needs more Anneka!” “Now with more Anneka!” “30% more Anneka!”
  10. Bottle – Texture Like Sun | This song is like a tall mountain. Starts near the rest of the earth, and then eventually punctures the clouds.
  11. Ekki Mukk – Sigur Ros | Yes, this is new. NEW new. New NEW new new “New”.

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