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3M – No Curfew

Thanks, Meg ;)

That’s my NYC Girl, Meg, lookin’ like East-Coast TNT Supafly.

So real quick, I have to tell the story about my “Peg Leg.” About 2 weeks ago, I went on an EPIC hike. I wasn’t prepared for it, but dammit, I was innit-2-winnit. I ended up hurting my foot afterward (stress-related injury), and ever since, I had been posting facebook updates about how it was going to need to be removed (gangrene and the like). In reality, it was getting better, but that’s not interesting! Finally, I claimed I had it removed and replaced with pirate gear. Sorry to disappoint, friends… My foot is still intact and doing much better, thankyouverymuch. Still kinda want a peg leg though…

– – –

“Remixes, Controversy and Video Releases” is the theme for this week’s mixtape. If you can’t find something to love about this one, you’re probably a butt-pirate.

  1. Icarus (Keys ‘N’ Krates Remix) – Madeon | This one is for my brother who’s turning OLD this month. Madeon is making an appearance at Coachella, so we’ll say “Hi” when we see him. These Keys ‘N’ Krates guys know how to work a remix.
  2. Love In Motion (feat. Mayer Hawthorne) – Sebastian | So here starts the controversy. “Sea Bass”, no stranger to PR trouble (see the album cover of his first album) had Gaspar Noe (THAT Gaspar Noe, director of Enter the Void and Irreversible) direct the video for this track. The video, which was released a few days ago, features a really young girl dancing in her bedroom in a not-so-really-young-girl way. I won’t link to it here for obvious reasons, but I’m sure you can find it somewhere. Relax, it’s not illegal, but certainly not something you want in your browser history. Great track though, and Mayer Hawthorne can do no wrong, as far as I’m concerned.
  3. Disparate Youth – Santigold | New video for this track. I think this came out in Feb., but the video is brand-spankin’. I thought her first album was a little hit-or-miss, and I hadn’t taken much time to look back. I believe she done redeemed herself real good with this one.
  4. Hollup (Mister Tweeks Remix) – Nina B Blanka | Reeemiiiixxx!!! The contrast in styles –remix production vs. Nina’s flow– grabs on and doesn’t let you go. This is what remixing is all about.
  5. Snake Charmer (Cassian Remix) – Bag Raiders | I posted the original in a mixtape some time last year, and it’s stood as one of my silent favorites. Then Cassian comes along, and puts such a solid house remix on it, I damn near started a dance party in my office. The kind of stuff that I hear so much of these days (“Where’s the drop, bro?”) had me longing for the GOOD, SOLID HOUSE this remix is bringing.
  6. Goin’ In (French Fries Remix) – Birdy Nam Nam | I love this group’s name. Makes me smile. So the original is pretty tasty, but the work put down by French Fries on this turns it into something altogether epic. It’s almost kinda mellow, but with some bangin’ reverb snare, and those original vocals. It’s scary good.
  7. More Than Words – Stumbleine | No relation to Extreme’s rock ballad. Super chill, deep bass, lush landscapes. It’s like a day at the spa for your ears. Technically, it’s the odd man out on this mixtape, but I couldn’t possibly deny you it’s magic.
  8. Candil De La Calle (Apparat Dub Mix) – Apparat | Does it count if the original artist remixes his own work? Fuck yeah! Apparat’s another artist that could do me no wrong, unless he decided to start making bad dubstep (Skrillex, I’m looking at you). But let’s get serious here; not gonna happen.
  9. Something Good Can Work (RAC Remix) – Two Door Cinema Club | Way too catchy for me to deny. Not NORMALLY a big fan of TDCC, but I have some serious respect for the work of RAC (just look at past mixtapes). It’s possible that RAC made this entirely listenable for me, given that I’ve never heard the original, and honestly, I don’t plan to.
  10. Still My Baby (feat. Omarion) [Extended Mix] – Wolfgang Gartner, Omarion | Collaborations normally result in some fine work, and this is no exception. This is a great track for the DJs out there. The hotness happens around the 15 second mark, and from there on out, it’s all lava. Omarion’s vocal work is just intense. Drop this in the presence of the ladies if you want a sexy dance party.
  11. Futile Devices (Shigeto Remix) – Sufjan Stevens | Another cut that commanded my attention, despite the original artist. Truth be told, I find Sufjan Stevens’ work a little boring, but I do believe the guy is talented. Here we have Shigeto getting involved. His remix done gone and made it completely interesting for me. If all of Sufjan Stevens’ work was like this… whole ‘notha story I’d be telling here.
  12. If Heaven is a Ghetto – Hodgy Beats | Had to give a little OFWGKTA love here. Hodgy Beats just put out some new material (get it here). Here’s a little slice to wrap up this week’s mixtape.

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