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Monthly Archives: December 2011

3M – Big Eastern Syndicate

I LIED!!! THIS… is the last mixtape of 2011. Feather – Nujabes When I’m Small (RAC Mix) –  Phantogram Why (Carly Simon Cover) – Alpines and Maya Jane Coles Crave You (feat. Giselle) – Flight Facilities Big Black Car – Gregory Alan Isakov Santa Fe – Beirut Weekend – Class Actress Mind, Drips (Bibio Remix) […]

3M – TOP 30 of 2011 – Part 3: #1 – 10

I give you the last mixtape of the year: My Top 30 from 2011, part 3: #1 through #10. Next weekend is Christmas, and the weekend after that is the New Years Eve weekend. I hope that while you’re either spending time with friends and family, or traveling to see them, you’ve got some great […]

3M – TOP 30 of 2011 – Part 2: #20 – 11

For a track to appear on the 2011 Top 30, it had to be released in this year. This includes covers and remixes. Sometimes the cover or remix of a track is significantly enjoyable enough that it merits mention. Of course, I still hold the original in the highest regard. However, on the rarest of […]

A Rant…

…If I may. This week, the Fox Network’s show Glee –that show most people seem to either love or hate– closed the episode with the song “We Are Young (Feat. Janelle Monaé)” by the group, fun. fun. released this track on September 20th, of this year, and I included it three days later in the […]

3M – TOP 30 of 2011 – Part 1: #30 – 21

We’re nearing year’s end, and – like all other publications, television networks, radio shows and of course, blogs – we here at MixTape Studios are taking stock in 2011 and posting our picks for the best the last 300-some odd days has to offer. So. Here now, and for the rest of the year, I […]