Why the big delay? About two weeks ago, I ended up with pretty severe neck pain that caused me to kind of hate all of life. I wasn’t getting any [...]
3M – Winter Eyes
Aand we’re back. Welcome to 2012, everyone. Let’s just get right into this, shall we? First of all, this week’s photo comes from Marta [...]
3M – Big Eastern Syndicate
I LIED!!! THIS… is the last mixtape of 2011. Feather – Nujabes When I’m Small (RAC Mix) –  Phantogram Why (Carly Simon Cover) [...]
3M – TOP 30 of 2011 – Part 3: #1 – 10
I give you the last mixtape of the year: My Top 30 from 2011, part 3: #1 through #10. Next weekend is Christmas, and the weekend after that is the New [...]
3M – TOP 30 of 2011 – Part 2: #20 – 11
For a track to appear on the 2011 Top 30, it had to be released in this year. This includes covers and remixes. Sometimes the cover or remix of a track is [...]
A Rant…
…If I may. This week, the Fox Network’s show Glee –that show most people seem to either love or hate– closed the episode with the song [...]
3M – TOP 30 of 2011 – Part 1: #30 – 21
We’re nearing year’s end, and – like all other publications, television networks, radio shows and of course, blogs – we here at MixTape Studios [...]
3M – Hypercritical
All Hell lives in the finest of details. Miss You (Thin White Duke Mix) – Mirwais Guillotine – Yadi Dumbin’ (Diplo Remix) – Star [...]
3M – Wasted Vapors
Girl, don’t let the high go to waste… Run Right Back – The Black Keys A selection of the newness from the Key’s new upcoming album, [...]
The Story with the Friday (11-11-11) Mixtape…
First of all, my apologies for missing my Friday deadline with the mixtape. I try to keep a tight schedule, but these “things” happen. So about [...]