3M – Reconnoiter
…And we’re back. This post has been a long time coming. I had this collection of tracks compiled by early last week, but here’s the thing [...]
YES! There will be a mixtape soon… NO. I have not deserted you. YES! I am preparing for a lot of traveling. A week in Vegas for the NABShow followed [...]
3M – Recharger
I have a thing for gingers. My friends know this. It’s an odd condition, I admit. I mean how could one love something that apparently has no soul? [...]
Austin and Coachella
Got my Coachella tickets package a few days ago! Very happy about this. I love what they’re doing with the whole “cigar box” of goodies [...]
3M – Amalfi Coast
Photo work by Show her some luv, eh? Due to further injuries sustained in the line of battle, I was unable to post this [...]
Owning up…
I’ve always said that one day, I’ll put my money where my mouth is in terms of my critique of music, music production and this here little [...]
3M – No Curfew
That’s my NYC Girl, Meg, lookin’ like East-Coast TNT Supafly. So real quick, I have to tell the story about my “Peg Leg.” About 2 [...]
3M – Metaphysical Gravity (Volume 1 & 2)
“Love is…” …the name of this week’s mixtape, said R. Buckminster Fuller. Happy late V-Day, lovers. As my special gift to you, [...]
3M – Groundhog Day
The winters are starting later every year. Today it felt like one of the coldest days in recent memory. My hope is that this works out come Coachella time. [...]
My sincerest apologies.
The newest mixtape will be up very soon, I promise. – 3M